Hi, this is ipfans.

Although my english is very bad, I still insisted to write this about me.

2015.3 - now

Co-founder of Yeeuu LLC. Be responsible for the system architecture design and major function implimentation.

Pycon China 2016: 《Asyncio in Web Development》

2013.7 - 2015.2

Security Research at AntGroup Inc.(Known as “支付宝” or “Alipay”, part of Aibaba Crop.).

First Talk: 《iOS8 App Security Internals》

First Book: 《iOS应用安全攻防》

2012.6 - 2013.6

Security Research at Appvv LLC. It’s the predecessor of Pangu Jailbreak Team.

2010.7 - 2012.5

Firist job: Security Research and Development at Baidu Inc.(NASDAQ:BIDU).